Wynne Wharff is a versatile, multi-ethnic actor who hails from Brooklyn , NY, and has met success in all arenas of her fascinating life. The product of a Haitian-Cuban mother and a Welsh-Trinidadian father, this dynamic thespian continues to search for challenging projects in which to showcase her talent through her unique essence. Spending her earliest years in her mother's native Haiti , Wynne developed a natural affinity for languages, which fostered her ability to easily pick up various languages accents and dialects when she encountered them. The multi-layered fabric of the Caribbean culture also helped nurture Wynne's worldy view of life, which would later take her to explore various parts of the World before returning to the States to continue her journey in acting. Wynne's exotic looks garnered her a top agency in NY, suited for her sophisticated, yet commercially appealing image. Wynne; however, still had not found a strong enough niche for her striking, multi-ethnic look and eventually began to work independently and with various agents and clients establishing herself until she was sent over to Europe, where there, the markets seemed eager to embrace her rare beauty. In Milan , where she lived for a year, Wynne worked with many great designers. Wynne also spent time working in Paris, Germany and the UK, gaining enough editorial and commercial work to stand confidently on her own again in New York . During and in between this time of self-assuredness and self discovery, Wynne attended New York University, supplementing her curriculum at the renowned Tisch School of the Arts, graduating with honors.

Upon graduation, Wynne opened a new chapter in her life and entered the corporate arena, where she became committed to solving the problems of those with lesser means and resources. While working, Wynne could not shake the “Biz” bug, so she decided to get back into the game, capitalizing on the new, changes in the consumer demographic and utilizing the alluring appeal she possessed to tap into what the markets wanted at the time—a face that would amazingly seem to transcend race. Purposeful focus on this asset proved to be a great business decision for Wynne, through imagery and marketing, Wynne developed a signature brand centering on her captivating qualities. This spurred commercial jobs with large Multi-national Corporations, and various pharmaceutical companies. On a whim, Wynne began her legit acting career via an audition for the movie “Celebrity.” Unbeknownst to her, Woody Allen himself conducted the audition and booked her as one of the models appearing alongside Charlize Theron and Shalom Harlowe, in the ensemble-cast film and since then, she has never looked back!

In the meantime, Wynne's agency encouraged her to hone her craft in acting, so while auditioning, she re-entered the classroom as a student at the prestigious William Esper Studios where she studied directly w ith first generation Meisner teacher, Bill Esper of the Neigborhood Playhouse. Wynne also began to expand her range of talents and began to study voice training. As a former dancer since childhood, Wynne's creative abilities classify her as the ultimate triple threat.

Wynne can best be described as a serious, yet sensitive actor with a sweet touch and a sarcastic tinge, which translates into dramatic emotional scenes or edgy humor perfect for sketch comedy and in-your-face sitcoms. She has acted in several independent films and has been seen in numerous commercials for local and international brands. Ms. Wharff is also a grateful member of AFTRA .

Wynne is a bi-coastal actress who currently lives and resides both in New York and Los Angeles where she continues to work on her craft by training, while pursuing new projects. Most recently Wynne appeared as a co-star on the Emmy Award winning daytime soap, General Hospital, where she played “Hermione,” the sassy, New York Event Planner hired by Kate!

Wynne's passion for acting comes from her desire and ability to relate to human beings. Whether it is connecting with fellow actors or volunteering her business acumen for humanitarian efforts, Wynne's various experiences at work and in life have honed her intuitive senses, allowing for lots of observation and internal work. One of her goals is to help support self-sufficiency agendas for those living in poverty. Wynne's most recent trip to Haiti in 2007 had a profound effect on her views and she continues to be an advocate for charitable organizations with a purpose. Her next trip will be to Africa . Wynne is also an animal lover. Wynne is an actor who knows how to balance professionalism and sensitivity with her fun personality. She is the new depiction of the American Everywoman. See for yourself.

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